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Fast payments

Get paid quick and easy with no batch fees! Our instant settlement allows you to get your money quicker, with no hassle.

1 Hour Sign-Up Process

With XE PAYs 1 hour sign-up process we enable you to focus on your day. Within just 1 hour we can have your account created and your order ready to dispatch!

No PCI Fees

Unlike many other payment providers, we will never charge you any PCI Compliance fees, letting you grow your business.

48 hours Terminal Delivery

With a 1 hour sign up process, our 48 hour delivery and setup is the fastest in the UK. From start to finish, we can have you up and running in 5 days.

No Minimum Monthly Fee

Quiet month? Run a seasonal business? With XE PAY we never charge you a minimum monthly fee, so you can rest easy in those slow months.

Flexible Payments

With a variety of different payment options available, from in-store to over-the-phone, we can support you and your business no matter what.

XE Commerce

Need a FREE eCommerce site? No issue, we can help set you up for the online marketplace with $0 setup and $0 monthly charges.

Internet Businesses

Sell subscriptions or memberships? Want a shopify/woo-commerce API? With XE PAYs scalable API, you can take your business higher.

How would you like to accept card payments?

Card machines

Choose from a variety of card terminals, including portable, mobile and countertop, to fit your business needs.

Online Payments

Grow your business by accepting card payments online using our online payment gateway and sleek API.

Phone Payments

Take payments over the phone with a MOTO enabled card machine. Fast and reliable, you can easily take control of your payments.

Choose a card terminal that fits your business.


Perfect for Retail businesses


  • Fast, reliable and easy to use
  • Work from fixed spot
  • Fits neatly onto most countertops
  • Flat rate of just 0.5%


Perfect for Hospitality businesses


  • Light, compact and easy to carry
  • Secure PIN entry
  • Up to 100m range
  • Flat rate of just 0.5%


Perfect for pop up stores


  • Quick, reliable and work anywhere
  • Roaming SIM card
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Flat rate of just 0.5%