Free online ordering without the hassle

Takeaways, like most other businesses, are a servant to the customers needs. And in the modern world, this means opening your doors to the possibility of online ordering. XE Takeaway is the best of both worlds. With a versatile, modern POS system and an advanced, intuitive online ordering software, XEPOS can take your business to the next level. Our XE Eats platform is completely free and what’s more it comes with a built in payment system to allow you to take payments through your website. Click here to find out more about XE Eats. 

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Save on the waiting time with an integrated postcode database

We do all of the hard work for you, with a precise and fast integrated postcode database, you can search a postcode and have an instant list of every house or address that matches with the postcode. Want to make use of variable delivery charges? Select specific locations or postcodes and independently set delivery fees.

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Speed up your ordering process with full Caller ID support

Immediate and reliable, our Caller ID support allows you to quickly and efficiently determine the number and details of a potential customer. Create a customer database user caller information and when they next call up, have all of their information prefilled and ready to go in an instant.

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Want to know more?

Knowledge is the key to power. That’s why we have gathered each and every feature our device offers in a single catalogue to help you get the most out of your system. With our full catalogue of features and how to use them, you have all the tools at your disposal to cement your business into the future. Also discover more about XE Eats.

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Integrated all-in-one point of sale system from $249 including your free professional takeaway website!

We have gathered everything you need in a single place to help you take your business to a whole new level. Our modern and stylish hardware works hand in hand with the software that has been tailored specifically to your takeaway business.

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Suitable for every takeaway store

XEPOS’ Takeaway Point of Sale Solution has been tried and tested for a wide variety of business types. To see how XEPOS can benefit you, choose your business type from the list below.

Or discover XE Eats where you can claim your FREE ordering system and website today! You’ll be able to take orders online for your takeaway, café or restaurant in no time. Click here to find out more about XE Eats.

Take food orders online for FREE, right now!

Online ordering website for FREE

Claim your FREE ordering system and website today, and you’ll be able to take online orders for your takeaway, café or restaurant in no time.


Key Takeaway Features

See everything in one place

Centralised and simple, we created the ideal takeaway software. View current orders, orders in process, orders out for delivery, and much more. Customer comes in to collect? Pull their order in the press of a button and streamline your business.

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Comprehensive Back Office

Everything you need, and everything you didn’t know you needed. Once you use our revolutionary back office, nothing will ever compare. Reporting, order logs, stock control, staff management and much much more.

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