Frome and District Club

Miles ahead of every other till system I have used

“XEPOS’s Hospitality software is miles ahead of every other till system I have used, the easy to use layout, clean and modern design makes every customer a pleasure to serve. Being able to easily see reports and figures with a few clicks is great, and means I am always on top of my business.”

Sandra Wells, Frome and District Club

Why we chose XEPOS

One of the most helpful features of the software is the simplicity of its layout. 

After receiving the system, not only was there a quick set up, but a thorough run through of how to actually use the system and its software. The whole process was extremely useful and helpful as now all the staff here at the Frome and District Club are fully capable of using the system with ease. Once we were introduced to all of the little features, doing business has never been easier. We’re able to track everything, from our staff by receiving detailed reports about their hours, or customers and how many times they’ve visited over a certain period of time.


Features which helped us the most


Get a report on working hours of each staff. You can choose the time period and make
better decisions about your staff. If a specific time of the day is your restaurant’s rush
hour, knowing which hours works best for your employees help you manage those peak
hours better and be more flexible toward your staff’s working hour.

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Multi Store

Adding a new location to XEPOS’ software can be done with no effort. You can manage
all locations with an integrated system which makes the decision making about your
management strategy much easier. Our Cloud-Based system helps you keep your information safe when you need to
transfer devices between different locations, whether temporarily or permanently.

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Real-Time Inventory Management

Smart, Real-Time Inventory Management lets you see the moment you make a sale or receive a new batch of stock. Want more? Customise your back office to provide notifications for whatever you need.

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Loyalty Programs

Running promotions and discounts is not the only way to attract customers. Keep your customers loyalty, our EPOS software provides an array of attractive loyalty programs and keep them coming back for more.

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User Access Management

Control your employee’s access to ensure they only see what you want them to see. Give specialized access to different users and keep your data safe at all times.

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Schedule Classes Without any Efforts

One of the most important steps toward having a successful business is to plan and schedule with a neat discipline. Our booking creator with a user-friendly interface enables you to easily book for the next week and plan out the available classes for members.

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What I loved about the software

This system is by far the best epos system we’ve ever invested in.

Excellent software, simple yet intricate features which allow you to track multiple things all at the same time,  all at a great price.

Everyone at XEPOS have been tremendously helpful and patient with us, which gives them that personal touch. They don’t help you because they need to, they help you because they want to.

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