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Whether you’re working with Android or iOS, you can enjoy all the benefits of our XETAB software and create the best ordering experience for your waiters and the customers. XEPOS waiter app has been built based on the business needs and in sync with modern technologies to help you keep up with the demands of the market and offer a speedier order process for your customers

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Send orders directly to the kitchen

Stop going back and forth to the kitchen to give the orders to chefs. Easily submit the orders in the waiter app and the device automatically sends them to the kitchen printer. Our state of the art printer works without a glitch with the waiter app and prints out the orders with the highest speed possible.

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Syncs seamlessly with your XEPOS system

The waiter app has been designed with waiters’ pain points and their comfort in mind. Each and every part of the waiter app works in sync with your epos system and the data syncs in real-time so that nobody misses any event.

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Features and benefits

Save Time

Speed up the order taking process with the waiter app to save time and increase efficiency.

Easy to Use

Learn your way around the system as quickly as one two three to get the most out of its features.

Reduces Mistakes

Eliminate human errors by taking orders at the table side with our smart waiter app.

Faster Service

Cut the waiting lines and quicken the ordering process.

Automatic Order Transfer

The waiter app automatically transfers orders to the kitchen printer to help you avoid the constant movement between different areas.

Take Order at the Tableside

The waiter app includes the whole menu and you can easily submit each table’s order within the app that syncs with the main till in real-time.

Switch between Users

Staff or waiters can easily switch between different accounts to use the system with the right information.

Automatically Sync Orders
with the Main EPOS System

Waiter app and the epos system both work in sync together and their data syncs in real-time and automatically so you don’t need to do any actions to keep your business intact.

Payments within the Waiter App

Accept orders at the tableside and let the customers pay anywhere on the floor with the integrated payment option provided within the waiter app software.

Split the Bill Effortlessly

Split the bill between seats without any difficulties and let each and every one of them pay their share without having to do any calculations.

Give Discounts with XETAB

Create happy hours within your Waiter App! Waiters can give either a currency discount or define a percentage as a discount for some or all of the items on a order.

Welsh Computers

XEPOS has made my life much easier. We don’t know how we managed without our XEPOS system

We asked Adam O’Rourke from Welsh Computers how XEPOS has helped manage their business more efficiently.

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