Gelato Divino LTD

Our XEPOS system helps us manage better than ever before.

As an Ice Cream shop, our control over flavours is one of the most important things to keep the customers coming in. XEPOS has helped me manage this better than I ever could before. With in-depth reports about what products are selling the quickest, to being able to quickly add or change products depending on what we need.

Shamseer Moozhikunnummal, Gelato Divino LTD

Why we chose XEPOS

After purchasing our epos system from XEPOS, managing the business has never been simpler.

Easy to use with endless features. It’s made everything from stock management, to staff management simple and easy to monitor. We can change and update our menu with immense ease, as well as create loyalty programs for our customers to take part in. The portable payment system makes the whole payment process a lot more hassle free and simpler, thanks to XEPOS.

Features which helped us the most

Portable Payment System

Accept payments anywhere! Whether at your store or at the customer’s place. XEPOS portable payment solution will make the payment process easier than ever!

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Free Menu Programming

We help you save your time and energy by programming your menu in the epos system for free. Different flavours and colours or multiple syrops and toping will be all categorized based on your own choosing!

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Loyalty Programs for Ice Cream Lovers

Encouraging customers to spend more in your business won’t be hard and time-consuming while using our loyalty program.

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Preloaded Postcode Database

Delivery is an important part of a takeaway business like your dessert parlour and we make it much better by providing hundreds of postcodes for you.

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Real-Time Stock Level

Never miss a sale or let down a customer! Check out your stock level in your epos system any time you desire and we also notify you when you’re running low on something.

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Caller-ID Integration

Create a customer database with a few simple clicks and see the customers information on the screen whenever they call to order some more of that delicious dessert!

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What I loved about the software

The simplicity and endless amounts of features are some of the main aspects of the system that we love the most.

The free menu programming allows us to change and update our menu whenever we want with the utmost ease. Now we can create new flavours and update our customers about the exciting new too. The quick payment process is also a huge help when we get busy in the shop. The quicker we can serve our customers, the happier they are.

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