Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner

The speed and reliability of a wired scanner, with the added flexibility of wireless

Large store? Want to check the price of an item without bringing it all the way to the checkout? Our wireless hand scanner can help out with that. Ideal for stock-taking or checking prices, you can use our wireless hand scanner to quickly and efficiently scan barcodes and have them entered directly to the system. You can even pair them with our tablet systems and have a mobile system, with a direct link to your main database.


Specification & key features
Dimensions: 87mm x 70mm x 168mm
Weight: 138 grams
Connection type: Bluetooth
Scanning Speed: 200/per/sec
Scanning Type: Visible Laser / Bi-Directional linear
Battery: 750 Mah / 80 hours per recharge
Connection Distance: 15 meters

Starting from just $59(ex. VAT)

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