Pubs are an integral part of communities and whether they only sell alcohol or are considered to be a gastro-pub, many people use them on a daily or weekly basis. In recent years, pubs have changed their appearance. They have gone from places that were mainly only frequented by men who enjoyed a quiet beer with friends to places that embrace everyone. Along with this, they are now used for family gatherings and celebrations, completely changing the way in which they are utilised. What this has meant for landlords and pub chains is that they have had to streamline and modernise the way in which they do things. Therefore, more are now turning to an EPOS System from XEPOS but why?


Improved Efficiency


In reality, pubs are a hive of activity. Whether groups of people are enjoying delicious pub meals, families have gathered for a Sunday roast or they are just enjoying a drink in the beer garden, ensuring you can actively take orders and process payments effectively is key. Customers expect a certain standard of service and this means that efficiency is vital. What this means is that they want your till system to process orders easily and take payment quickly too. Landlords and staff will have the scope to quickly access the system, process orders and even create electronic receipts, all of which ensures customers can enjoy their time in the pub instead of spending time waiting to pay for drinks or food using a slow and laborious system.


Greater Control of Orders


It’s common for people to place large orders at the bar. Whether it’s drinks only or a mixture of drinks and food, the orders can not only total a large amount but can be extremely varied. This can leave bar staff facing the problem of attempting to remember the order, but with an ePOS till system, this can all become a thing of the past. Systems from XEPOS are sophisticated enough to process large orders which means that they can be entered onto the system as the customer calls them out. This creates a list that enables them to process orders correctly and make amendments where necessary. Also, orders can be sent directly to the kitchen once confirmed and that means that there is no need to pass orders physically between staff, which can help to reduce problems and errors. 



Better Cash Management


Over the course of a day or week, a lot of cash can change hands in a pub. As orders are made throughout the day and especially on the weekend, it’s important for staff and managers to be able to keep a tally on what comes in and what goes out. Bar tabs and meal orders can total up to large amounts and that makes it especially crucial to actively manage cash flow. With an Epos system, it’s possible to run reports and see what sales have been made, giving you greater insight into how the pub is performing. What’s more, as the till can be used to process refunds and correct errors in orders, all of the information is presented in real-time and that can be hugely helpful when it comes to understanding the takings for the day. 


Instant Access to Available Items and Options


While pubs might have menus to choose from and drinks to pick from, it doesn’t always mean that they are readily available. Using an ePOS system gives staff the scope to provide customers with information that is readily available which means that placing an order becomes a quicker experience. Should a customer want a certain item as part of their meal, the system can instantly inform them of whether it is available or not instead of staff spending time running between the till and the kitchen to find out what is available. Along with this, staff can also personalise orders. What this means is that they can ask customers if they prefer chips or mashed potato with their meal. Would they prefer a double or a single and would they want a mixer with it? All of these options can also be used to sell more items while ensuring customers are kept informed of what is available to them.



Reward Customers


Customers can seem loyal but if your competitors are offering more then they have every reason to choose them over you. Therefore, your pub could benefit from an ePOS system that provides access to a loyalty system. What this means is that customers have the ability to sign up and then access perks and rewards the more they use your facilities. This might be a free drink for every five they purchase or a free meal for children once they have spent a certain amount. All of this gives them a reason to keep on returning to your establishment. Along with this, you will also have the ability to provide promotions and discounts that could be seasonal or simply one-offs. Therefore, you could offer customers 3 for 2 or buy one get one free. Whatever it might be, you can ensure you offer value to each of your customers.


Take Payments Faster


Taking payments is crucial for you and your customers. First of all, customers want to make their payment and then return to their seat to enjoy their time with friends and families. For your pub, making faster payment enables you to process orders quickly which means that you can take more orders and take more cash. You can integrate your ePOS system with a card terminal from XEPAY, allowing you to take advantage of a completely streamlined system and service. 


Every pub has to consider the overall experience for each customer but along with this it is important that your sales till and system are ready to support your business in the right way. With a system from XEPOS, your entire business will become streamlined, efficient and more professional in the way that it operates.