Every business will have a target audience but that audience has to be won over. If you think that starting a business is enough to win them over then it might be time to think again. Whether you are a takeaway or a restaurant, you are going to have competition. Furthermore, you’ll have to compete with loyalty and when customers are loyal, they are hard to prise away from their preferred business.


Despite this, there are many things that you can do to appeal to your target market. This is not going to be an overnight success but with the right strategy and approach, you can gain their trust and begin winning over their custom. With this in mind, how do you appeal to them?


Understand What They Want


It’s simple but you need to give them what they want. However, to do this, there is more work involved. What do they want from you as an overall service? Are they looking for a more streamlined process when they use your service? Does this mean that your payment process is too slow and could be enhanced by an EPOS till system from XEPOS? Are they looking for a refined service from your staff or do they want you to be more efficient?


The needs of your audience are crucial to your success and you have to bend over backwards to accommodate them. This can take a lot of trial and error but once you get it right, you can then continue to fine-tune how you give them what they want leading to a better experience. This is an ongoing process that evolves because the needs of your audience will change.

Gain Feedback


Gaining the trust and loyalty of your audience is a challenging process but it's completely possible to achieve by listening to them. They want to understand that your business is not faceless or simply doesn’t care. They want to build relationships with businesses that care and nothing says that you care more than by asking them for their feedback. Whether you ask them to complete a survey after their meal or you ask them to leave their email address that you can input into your touchscreen till so you can contact them at a later date, it all matters.


If you inform them that their feedback will make a difference and you act on it then they are going to feel as though you value them and take them seriously. This can help you create menus that resonate with them and deliver a service that covers everything. Through constantly obtaining feedback regularly, you can identify how you are performing. It’s a relatively simple way of appealing to them because your service will become their service.


Reach Out on Social Media


Almost everyone is on social media in some way and this gives businesses the chance to communicate with people with ease. Creating a social media profile is the simple part but deciding how you use it is what makes a difference. 


You can connect with current customers and potential customers by creating informative and engaging posts. Ask questions about what you can improve, what you do well and what your customers want to see. Sure, it might feel as though you are leaving yourself exposed but look at it as an opportunity to have a voice. If people put forward concerns or complaints then you can respond in person. You can explore the options available and help them understand how you are going to put things right. What’s more, others will see that you take customer service seriously. 


From a positive perspective, you can ask what people love, what dishes they prefer and what they want to see more of. This is all about building trust and engaging with real people who are the ones who determine whether your business becomes a success or not.


Provide Them with Offers

There is one thing that people love and that’s saving money or getting something for free. It’s a tried and tested strategy but deals and offers are a great way of appealing to current and new customers. As more restaurants are now using point of sale systems from XEpos, it means that they can take details and create offers based on purchasing behaviour. 


It’s possible to send emails with discounts that regular customers can take advantage of while free offers are always a hit with people, especially if you are attempting to lure them back to you. Offers show your audience that you value them and it’s a great way of saying thank you to customers. This sits well with people and is the reason why many choose to stay loyal with their favourite business. So, don’t be afraid to create offers because you should be looking at the long-term benefits that they can offer.


Make Their Experience Simple


Whether it is ordering through your XE Eats website or paying for their meals at your restaurant, everything about the system has to be simple and streamlined. They don’t want to wait for orders or wait to make payments. What this means is that you need to implement systems that can help your business succeed. With XEPOS, you can benefit from POS systems that speed up the way in which you deliver your service. From providing access to stock levels in retail environments to accepting a wide range of payment options to delivering satisfaction, every element of the experience has to be right in order to win over their loyalty and trust. Once you get it right, you can then build on it and make it better because you have already understood their specific needs.


Keeping your business ahead of your competitors and winning over your audience requires a specific approach but it doesn’t have to be challenging. Taking a simplified approach with some tried and trusted solutions can help your business attract the right audience and turn them into an integral part of the success of your business.