When people think about cash transactions at a retail store, the first thing that pops into their mind is a traditional cash register, complete with an old-fashioned slide-out cash drawer and manual buttons – given how prevalent it has been since its inception. 

However, people rarely picture a touch screen till system, POS machine or EPOS system, when it comes to exchanging cash at a store.  

Why it’s a good idea to invest in a touchscreen till/ digital cash register

A basic or traditional cash register simply isn’t enough in today’s fast-moving world – whether you run a small-scale retail store or a major establishment with multiple branches. 

A digital cash register, also known as a computerized cash register or EPOS (electronic point of sale) system, is far more advanced than a basic cash register + cash drawer. Today, it is commonly used by small-scale retail stores as well as large commercial retail brands. 

It’s important to invest in a modern and electronic-point-of-sale (EPOS) system because it can do much, much more than just print out receipts or tally totals. 

An EPOS system works as a digital cash register where it is connected to a much wider control system – and typically has several individual registers on a digital network, all working seamlessly to process sales and accept payments. 



EPOS systems can track inventory and stock levels without any manual input, and report back when these levels need to be replenished. They also track sales and sales patterns, and can even monitor specific customer data through loyalty programs. 

The best EPOS systems are capable of doing even more and boast advanced capabilities which allows them to integrate with 3rd party applications such as your in-house email marketing service or accounting system.

In fact, many small business owners prefer cloud-based point of sale systems that can be operated through mobile devices or desktop browsers, several miles away. This way, a fully integrated EPOS till system can increase business efficiency by reducing human error and automating business operations. 

What other advantages are there of an EPOS System?

EPOS systems offer businesses many advantages. At the very basic level, they allow you to track customer transactions and vastly speed up checkout time. Many entry-level POS systems offer easy and accurate ways of record keeping and include a touchscreen, keyboard and printer. The included software in these electronic cash till systems enable you to charge the right sales tax, execute specific reports on transactions and identify sales numbers according to employee ID. 

More advanced EPOS systems allow you to integrate specific kinds of software according to the type of records your business keeps. One major advantage, however, of an EPOS system over a traditional cash register is security. The cash drawer, for instance, on point of sale systems, lock automatically, granting access to authorized personnel only via a login ID and password. 

There are many EPOS systems in the UK available today, each with their own distinct advantages. We can help you choose the right one according to your business needs.