Customers have a wide range of takeaway options to choose from and once they find one they like they’ll often place frequent repeat orders because they can trust that vendor. There are several things your business can do to increase this trust and improve the overall customer experience which will help you build up a portfolio of loyal customers who shop regularly with you. If you want some top tips on where to focus your time when trying to improve the customer experience, then keep on reading.

Your Menu

Have a great menu full of top picks. Customers don’t expect you to have thousands of different options on the menu, instead they value a smaller selection of food and drinks that are all done well. Take a look at your current menu from the perspective of a new customer, does it feel overwhelming due to all the available options? Are you able to logically scroll/swipe through in a way that flows nicely?
If you are looking for a place to start why not revamp the menu to only include customer favourites, you can go by reviews where people say they were impressed with something or just buy what has been ordered the most times, try to have these things at the top of the menu as it is likely other customers will be looking for similar items.

Your location

We know it is tempting to try and serve as many postcodes as possible but this may decrease the customer experience. The food may go cold or melt, and they will be kept waiting longer, which during peak times may result in a negative review. Switch your focus from serving many customers to instead focusing on serving some really well. If things keep going well you could look into opening another store location to enable you to serve more customers but we think it’s more effective to build up an excellent reputation in one area first.
If you haven’t opened the business yet and have a few different store locations to choose from definitely consider the radius of customers you’ll be able to serve well from each location and use that as a factor to help your overall decision on where to set up the business.

Your Technology

Depending on your target audience, you need to consider the level of technology that is integrated with your business. Most modern consumers order takeaways online rather than ringing up, therefore it is important to have software that is both user friendly and employee-friendly. You want customers to be able to order online with ease and you need your stuff to be able to understand the system so they can prepare orders.

XEPOS takes all of the stress away, we make online ordering simple and our software is super reliable so you can rest assured that even during peak times your system will keep up. You can find out more about our software and get started with your new integrated POS system today!

Your Staff

Your employees are the face of the business and when it comes to takeaways the only staff members some customers will ever see are the delivery drivers. This face-to-face interaction is a valuable touchpoint between customer and business of which you should take full advantage. Having friendly staff who are pleasant to customers could make all the difference when it comes to creating great customer relationships.

Make sure you hire staff who you can trust to represent your brand in a positive light to ensure that this area of the sale is a positive experience for your customers. Another great reason to have excellent employees is that if the customer likes the service they receive but have an issue with the food your staff may be able to convert the customer into a brand advocate if they deal with the problem efficiently.

These are just four areas in which you have the opportunity to improve the customer experience. Focusing on getting this right will mean customers are more likely to recommend you to friends, leave positive reviews and buy from your business more often which ultimately leads to more business.