There was a time when takeaways would rely on leaflets that would be handed out with orders, left on display by the cash till or posted through letterboxes. While leaflets are still a very effective way or marketing what they offer, it is also becoming slightly outdated. 

People are changing their habits and now they no longer want to have numerous takeaway menus cluttering up their drawers at home. It has left takeaways struggling to wonder how they can overcome this challenge. Many years ago, if a suggestion was made to a takeaway to have a website then they would have questioned it. After all, what information would they have put on there other than their menu? Many would have avoided this because of the cost too but times have changed and now takeaways are making the switch.


This new approach whereby they are now implementing websites is being driven by many different factors. However, what are the reasons for choosing to create a website?




There is no denying that people are more pressed for time than ever before. Whether they are racing from the office or the gym, they want to make sure they can order the food they want when they want it. They don’t want to wait until they get home to search for a menu and begin looking for the food that they want. 


When consumers can instantly browse menus, make their selection and choose from the food that they love, they are going to enjoy the convenience that it gives them. Time is limited for many and having the ability to save it and cut back on the ordering process then that is going to win over many customers. What’s more, they don’t even have to pick up the phone to order or wait on hold during busy periods. The scope is significant for businesses and when they adopt a website, they will reap the rewards.


Online Payments


With cash being used less frequently and more people choosing to make payments by card, it makes perfect sense to implement a well-designed website for their takeaway. Sure, there is still a need to use epos tills and have a shop counter but online payments take things to a whole new level. So, having the scope to not only take orders online but also accept payments is a huge benefit for takeaways and customers. With stunning branded websites from XEEats and the ability to implement online payments with Xonder, takeaways now have the ability to broaden their reach.

Online payments will allow them to increase their takings from people who no longer carry cash or prefer the option of ordering and paying online. So, instead of consumers needing to make sure they have cash readily available at home to pay for their takeaway, they can pay online and receive their order with minimal fuss or hassle.

Easily Update Menus


One of the biggest advantages of having a website is the ability to constantly change their menus. Once a takeaway has spent money on printing menus, they are pretty much stuck with that menu until the time comes to spend out on printing again.  However, a website allows them to change their menu whenever they wish. With XEEats websites, it’s possible to easily update and amend menus at any time. They can introduce new dishes, remove those that aren’t selling and fine-tune their service, allowing them to increase their profits. All of which you’d be able to view from your back office!


Along with this, they can also implement offers and deals whenever they want. Whether it’s a 3 for 2, buy one get one free or printable offers that consumers can use in-store, they can encourage people to part with their cash, further boosting their need for a reliable pos system that fulfils their needs. 


With the potential to increase custom through offers and dining deals through their website, takeaways can take control of who they appeal to. This offers more advantages than that of using a leaflet and hoping that people either pick up the phone to order or visit their premises.

Provides a Professional Appearance


Sure, a neatly printed leaflet will work wonders but that will only go so far. After all, every other takeaway will be doing the same so it’s important to stand out. A professional looking website that is fully customisable and integratable with your bank or your epos till will create a strong impression. 


Many people trust a well-designed website and if one takeaway has one, the people are going to choose that takeaway over another that does not have a website.

Better Marketing Capabilities


The great thing about using a tailor made solution such as that from XE Eats is that you can control how you market your takeaway. With a system that allows you to take details from consumers, it is possible to contact them directly by email. You can inform them of new dishes, encourage them to return again and even send out offers periodically. It’s a new way of creating business and when you build relationships with consumers, the trust will increase.


It’s proven that consumers value brands and businesses that form connections. They feel more loyal and that can go a long way. Building relationships in this way can help a takeaway take a larger slice of the business from their surrounding area. Furthermore, their website can also be promoted on social media. In a few clicks, the website can be shared and liked in no time at all, giving them more reach than they would have with a leaflet.


So, a website is a crucial tool for any takeaway that is looking to capitalise on opportunities. With simple packages available to try, creating a clean and well-designed website is a process that can be achieved quickly. Also, with integrated payments too, they also have the scope to encourage consumers to part with their cash in ways they never had available to them before.